Annapurna Circuit _Day 15

Birethanti to Pokhara                                      first post about Annapurna Circuit Trek

This was our last day on the trek and consisted of a 30 minute walk to the bus station. Several of my co-trekkers carried the porters bags from our guesthouse to the bus. This included going down sets of stairs and crossing a bridge.  We then hoped a bus to Pokhara.  I don’t have many photos of Pokhara as I shopped for gifts and got some new tattoos. I would like to make it back there as there is so much to do. Others paraglided and rowed boats on the lake.



20131215_084348 20131215_084734 20131215_084940 20131215_085113 20131215_085120 IMG_4993 IMG_4994 allen

We found a great tattoo shop in Pokhara, HImalayn Ink and several of us got new tattoos. Actually several of us got a few as we liked the place so much.  I plan to go back to finish the one on my left arm.  The first two are mine and then photos of others.

20131215_145600 20131215_171923 20131215_173521  20131215_21592620131215_173542

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