Games, toys, children and other things that made me smile.

We learned to play carrom at one of the guest houses and saw many groups of boys playing it on the streets as we drove back into Kathmandu.

I saw lots of children hoop rolling in the streets; I had only read about this and never saw it in action. The hoops and sticks were usually hand made.

The children were adorable and even though the guide books indicated that we would be constantly hit up for stuff, most of the children asked for “sweets” or “chocolate” but didn’t pester us after we said no.

I was not able to find out what the pom-pom trees were; something to investigate when I go back one day.

I saw a few horseshoes above doors and the one below on the stairs, I believe that horseshoes are also good luck in Nepal.  In the Manang district, there are horse races each year (Yartong). Here are two short videos I found of some of the ridders. video 1 video 2 . I’d like to go see this someday and/or the Shey Dragon Festival in 2024.  I believe Yartong is the correct name for the festival; we saw a presentation on it but I didn’t write any notes.

My guesthouse in Kathmandu was so kind to decorate for Christmas. There were several Christmas trees inside and decorations on a few trees outside. It was a nice gift to put me in the Christmas mood as I traveled back to the US for Christmas.

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