Nepal_ Reuse

Most of the people who live in Nepal live very simple lives and do not have the over abundance of stuff that most Americans do. Therefore, the need for reuse and repurposing is at the heart of all that the do and is based more on utilitarian need and not on decorating.

At almost every guesthouse, the empty beer bottles were stacked up to be reused and used as edging  for plant beds. I also saw plastic bottles being used as horns on rickshaws but didn’t get a photo.

The plastic mat was at one of our guest houses, the owner’s wife made them.  It and the coaster are made from rolled up plastic food wrappings.

Only the grocery stores/convenience  stores provided plastic bags. Most stores had reusable bags and a few had beautiful decorative bags that made perfect wrapping for the gifts that I brought back.

Large metal cans are turned into prayer wheels and and flower pots.


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