Business Development Volunteer


Community Economic Development (CED) program

The purpose of the Community Economic Development (CED) program is to help Peruvian communities improve their economic development opportunities for a higher quality of life. Volunteers are generally assigned to work with the Economic Development Section of municipalities, producer associations, small businesses and educational institutions.

The program targets three areas of community economic development:

Goal 1: Business Development
Small businesses and producer associations will improve their business and market-access skills.

Goal 2: Economic Opportunities
Community members will develop entrepreneurial skills and cultivate new economic opportunities to create or expand business activities.

Goal 3: Personal Money Management
Community members will improve their financial management capacity to increase their household economic security and improve their quality of life.

Specific tasks the Volunteer might work on with a community partner are:

1. Business Development:
• Business management assistance in marketing, product and service development, customer service and financial management.
• Business consulting with interested small businesses and producer associations.
• Relationships with buyers, exporters, and others to help the producers bring their products to market.

2. Economic Opportunities:
• Business planning courses for youth, at high schools and technical institutions, usually in a formal teaching environment.
• Training of Trainers for high school teachers, so they can teach business planning courses directly to their students.
• Working with women in the community supporting income generation activities.

3. Personal Money management
• Basic personal money management skills such as budgeting, savings, keeping business/personal accounts separate and other related topics.
• Supporting community members in organizing small-scale savings and loan programs.

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