Moldova- Now, where is that?


Due to the cancellation of the Peru training, my placement was changed to Moldova and I will be serving as an NGO Advising Volunteer.

“Where is Moldova?”, you may ask.

Moldova is in Eastern Europe and gained independence during the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991.  The official language is Romanian and the country has great produce and wine.  It has 4 distinct seasons and is a lot colder than Austin, so I am making some changes to my packing decisions. I’ll share this next week.

Non-Governmental Organizations are a recent development in Moldova. Under the Soviet system, all the services and activities for the population were provided by the state.    Peace Corps in Moldova has a Community and Organizational Development Program (COD) that supports the efforts for social development.

As an NGO Advising Volunteer of the COD Program,  I will :

  • Assist local partners with community development: identifying resources, interests and needs (through surveys, interviews, etc.), designing and implementing projects, and promoting civic engagement. In order to help motivate individuals to volunteer, train community groups to take action, assist partners with planning, budgeting, grant-writing and evaluation of activities. Some Volunteers establish volunteer clubs or start service-learning/civic engagement programs for
  • Support local NGOs, community centers, mayor’s offices in building their organizational capacities. Possibly work along with local partners on assessing the organizational capacities, developing strategic plans, introducing new methods or services, designing promotional materials or improving accountability.

Its taking so much of what I learned with Austin Creative Reuse and other organizations and will help me continue to learn how support others that are building  or creating non-profit organizations.

I am quickly reading as many sites about Moldova and started the beta version of Romanian on Duolingo. I’ll find out more in the coming weeks as I get connected to others in my group as well as current volunteers there.


A Journey
by Nikki Giovanni, 1943

It’s a journey . . . that I propose . . . I am not the guide . . . nor technical assistant . . . I will be your fellow passenger . . .

Though the rail has been ridden . . . winter clouds cover . . . autumn’s exuberant quilt . . . we must provide our own guide-posts . . .

I have heard . . . from previous visitors . . . the road washes out sometimes . . . and passengers are compelled . . . to continue groping . . . or turn back . . . I am not afraid . . .

I am not afraid . . . of rough spots . . . or lonely times . . . I don’t fear . . . the success of this endeavor . . . I am Ra . . . in a space . . . not to be discovered . . . but invented . . .

I promise you nothing . . . I accept your promise . . . of the same we are simply riding . . . a wave . . . that may carry . . . or crash . . .

It’s a journey . . . and I want . . . to go . . .


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