What to take with me? Part 2 Clothes

The starting pile

So what to clothes to bring with me on my 2+ year journey?

Packing for a trip is still one of the most challenging, anxiety producing activities for me. My goal is always to pack light but I still want to have some style and to have appropriate clothes for activities like hiking, yoga, and swimming,



Some additional considerations for my packing challenge are:

  • I’ll need to wear business clothes and not just my hiking pants that I love.
  • While the winter is long and cold, the summer is also hot and there is no air conditioning.
  • I am a tall, curvy woman and finding clothes and especially shoes can be challenging in other countries.
  • Winter clothes can be heavy and bulky.
  • When traveling I tend to lose weight and need clothes that can adjust to my size changes.

Packing Tips

  • Rolling Clothes- Tightly rolling clothes allows for more clothing in a suitcase.
  • Packing cubes- I like using packing cubes to help keep my clothes sorted. This is really helpful when your travel includes staying at a different place every night or so. I pack outfits together and/or put clean clothes in one and dirty in another.
  • Don’t bring everything that you think that you’ll need.
    • You can have clothes made in country or purchase the local style sweater or skirt.
  • Make sure to pack clothes that you feel comfortable in and that make you feel confident.
  • Scarves and Sarongs make me feel special and can make a top look more dressy, also need for the churches here.

So what clothes did I bring?

  • Shirts (13)
    • 2 thin strap tank tops
    • 3 long sleeve cotton button ups
    • 1 no sleeve cotton button up
    • 3 short sleeve cotton tshirts
    • 1 long sleeve blouse
    • 1 long sleeve cotton blouse
    • 2 dressy tank tops (unfortunately the type of cloth was not suitable for summer)
  • Skirts (5)
    • 4 knee length business casual (1 winter, 2 any season, 1 summer)
    •  1 hiking casual skirt
  • Pants (3)
    • 2 linen
    • 1 pair of jeans
  • Leggings (6) and base layers (2)
    • 2 winter (full length, fleece lined)
    • 3 regular (1 full length, 1 mid-calf length, 1 knee length)
    • 2 base layer tops
  • Dresses (3)
    • 1 dressy no sleeve seersucker cotton
    • 1 short sleeve t-shirt style
    • 1 three quarter sleeve cotton
  • Jackets (9)
    • 1 navy blue linen jacket
    • 1 wool suit jacket
    • 1 grey heavy cotton jacket
    • 1 blue wool zip up sweater
    • 1 black sport jacket
    • 3 vests (1 wool, 1 cotton, 1 fleece)
  • Sports Wear (11)
    • 1 yoga pants
    • 1 hiking pants
    • 1 pair shorts
    • 1 pair leggings for running (bought long running tights here)
    • 2 exercise short sleeve shirts
    • 2 yoga tops
    • 1 swimsuit
    • 1 long sleeve wool sweater for running
  • Scarves
    • 1 light weight cotton
    • 2 heavy weight cotton
    • 1 sarong
  • Undergarments and winter gear
    • 4 bras
    • 12 underwear
    • 3 undershorts (for under skirts)
    • 8 socks (wool of various lengths)
    • 2 gloves, 2 ear muffs, 1 buff, 1 pair sleeves
    • 1 winter hat, 1 hiking sun hat, 1 felt brim hat
  • Sleep wear
    • 1 summer set, 1 winter flannel set
  • Coats (3)
    • 1 rain coat
    • 1 long  3 season down winter coat
    • 1 short down coat
  • Shoes (10 pairs)
    • 1 hiking boots
    • 1 hiking shoes
    • 1 winter boots
    • 2 Toms (this got beat up pretty quickly, good for in Chisinau when it isn’t wet but take a beating on village streets)
    • 1 black flats rubber bottoms
    • 2 dress shoes- Black and easy to clean
    • 1 dress sandals
    • 1 flip flops

Notes from In country:

  • 3 weeks in
    • Wish I had brought crocs for working in the garden or putting out laundry
    • Wish I had brought 1 more no sleeve cotton blouse.

The Diary of a Pilgrimage by Jerome Jerome


The Question of Luggage.—First Friend’s Suggestion.—Second Friend’s Suggestion.—Third Friend’s Suggestion.—Mrs. Briggs’ Advice.—Our Vicar’s Advice.—His Wife’s Advice.—Medical Advice.—Literary Advice.—George’s Recommendation.—My Sister-in-Law’s Help.—Young Smith’s Counsel.—My Own Ideas.—B.’s Idea.


“Great Heavens!” he exclaimed. “I thought you were moving! What do you think we are going to do—camp out?”

“No!” I replied. “But these are the things I have been advised to take with me. What is the use of people giving you advice if you don’t take it?”

He said:

“Oh! take as much advice as you like; that always comes in useful to give away. But, for goodness sake, don’t get carrying all that stuff about with you. People will take us for Gipsies.”

I said:

“Now, it’s no use your talking nonsense. Half the things on this bed are life-preserving things. If people go into Germany without these things, they come home and die.”

And I related to him what the doctor and the vicar and the other people had told me, and explained to him how my life depended upon my taking brandy and blankets and sunshades and plenty of warm clothing with me.

He is a man utterly indifferent to danger and risk—incurred by other people—is B. He said:

“Oh, rubbish! You’re not the sort that catches a cold and dies young. You leave that co-operative stores of yours at home, and pack up a tooth-brush, a comb, a pair of socks, and a shirt. That’s all you’ll want.”

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