Step 1- Staging

M32 Moldova Peace Corps Volunteers

The first step on this part of the journey is Staging.

I flew to Philadelphia from Chicago and was fortunate to have another volunteer on the same flight.  We then met up with others at the airport.  We proceeded to hotel, checked into our rooms and registered for training.

Staging consisted of all day training on Monday. We went over the core expectations of volunteer, did several ice breaker activities, reviewed expectations and other important information.  Our trainer, Westen, also happened to be the person that did my initial interview. It was wonderful to meet him in person.

We reviewed the mission and three main goals of the Peace Corps

We created our own memorable version of the Core Expectations to help us through out our service.

And we talked about self care to get us through the rough times. Things like reaching out to other volunteers and staff if you are not feeling your best and have a list of activities that you can do if you are feeling stressed.   While the Peace Corps service has many rewarding experiences there can be many times that volunteers feel alone, ineffective and frustrated.  It’s really helpful for friends and family to encourage volunteers and remind the volunteer that they are amazing and are making a difference.   I feel very fortunate as I have so many friends and family members that have already let me know how much they are inspired by my journey. Thank you so much!

We had time to walk around Philadelphia at night and in the morning.  So much to see and not much time. Special treat was the Chinese Lantern Festival, I’d like to go back and see it at night some day.


up next flying to Moldova and PST training part 1.

La revedere!

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