Step 3- Adapting to New Context

We were very fortunate to be brought to a nice retreat center in order to get accustomed to the new time zone, to some of the culture and to each other.  We arrived on Wednesday night and stayed until Sunday morning.  The first few days were very tiring and as I get up with the sun, I was up at around 5am everyday.

There are three sectors of Peace Corp in Moldova: Health Education, English Education and Community Organizational Development. We started to have sessions based on our sector and also received (and continue to receive) training on safety, security and health. We received our medical kits and were tested for HIV. Moldova requires this test to be completed in country. In addition, we were given our first stipend to use for our transportation to our schools.

We started our language classes and had sessions about the program and our life in Moldova. I have not taken classes for another language besides Spanish since college and learning a new language was one of my biggest fears when accepting the role in Moldova. While I have picked up new words here and there when I traveled, I do not consider myself someone who picks up languages quickly. On top of that, to prepare for Peru, I had been practicing Spanish for about an hour day for the past year. During my classes, I found myself wanting to speak Spanish constantly and was attempting to pronounce new words based on the Spanish language.

We have amazing language teachers and the techniques that they use seem to make picking up the language easier than I had expected. During the first few days, we practiced greetings and introductions.

My first Romanian sentences “Eu sunt Rebecca. Eu sunt din America, din Texas . Eu sunt Americancă. Eu sunt voluntară în Corpul Pacii.”

The best part of training was the introduction to Moldovan culture. We had a welcoming ceremony and a cultural music and dance night. We also began to eat Moldovan food.   Moldova has great soil and produces a multitude of fruits and vegetables.   up next: Moving to our training village and meeting our first host families.

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