Moldovan Food Montage 1

The food in Moldova is wonderful as it is usually fresh from the garden and simply prepared. On my first morning at my new home, my host mom made Plăcintă, a pastry filled with cheese (or fruit). It was delicious. I look forward to learning to make these and how to cut with a plate. So amazing!

Moldova is the land of the cherries. There are sweet cherries (cireașă) and sour cherries (vișină). My host mom cans the sweet cherries as well as raspberries and strawberries to make “compot”.   She also mixes the strawberries with milk and calls it a “cocktail”.  I enjoyed it for a few days and then realized that the milk was causing my sinuses to be aggravated so no more “cocktail” for me.

My host mom usually makes a large pot of something (soup, rice, pasta) and we eat off that for a few days.  Bread is served with every meal and am sensitive to wheat (not gluten, wheat) and yeast. If I eat wheat at every meal, I will break out in a rash.   While I am eating other foods made with wheat, my host mom has given in and realized that I won’t/can’t eat bread.

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