Visiting Libraries

In June, I went along with a small group of other COD volunteers to a nearby town to visit a current COD volunteer. We stopped in at the library, the culture center, a very modern childeren’s learning center and a gym. The volunteer and her community partners have done an amazing job empowering youth to take on leadership roles that support efforts addressing the needs of the community for awareness, creativity and education. It was very inspiring.

I also visited my village’s local library with the other volunteers in my village to talk with the local librarian. We learned about the improvements that she has made over the past few years, the clubs that she runs and her dreams for more community involvement at the library. She was very enthusiastic about the opportunities that a library can provide to both youth and the elderly.   She had painted the floor of the library green, which is not common in Moldova. I loved it. Simple creative elements that can make the world feel more inviting and fun.

At each library, I was intrigued by the book covers and other artwork in the books. It seems that some of the most interesting art to me is done by illustrators and is overlooked as an art form. Another item on my photography list is to go back and take more photos of the books.  I also enjoyed reading a few poems for children.


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