COD Projects: Community Event: O Zi de Curățenie

Our final project for training was a community project. We worked with the Mayor and the Director of the School to organize a street clean up and a celebration with games at the school. The day was a sweltering 98F and the kids still came out with enthusiasm. We believe around 40 kids and 10 adults showed up that day to volunteer. Volunteering is a new concept for Moldovans and recycling is just gaining momentum; the project was a great way to work with the community and to build up awareness for both concepts.

We worked with the Mayor to pick the date and time; the village supplied gloves, bags and a truck to carry the trash to the landfill. We worked with the School Director to get the word out to the children in the village. We also created a flyer that we posted around town and made small handouts to give to the people in the village.

The goal was to clean the main road of the village and to inspire the youth to volunteer and learn about recycling.  If we had more time, we would have liked to have added more education about recycling but for now, we hope that by us taking the recycling to another town that will inspire others to do the same or to have conversations about recycling.

Many of the children were super excited and were racing to fill up their bags.  When we were finished, Clayton ( fellow trainee) and a few of the youth jumped in the wagon to pull out the recycling. It was exciting to note that the volunteers knew what items could be recycled and what could not.

We celebrated the clean up by having ice cream, which was donated by a local store, and by playing games at the school.  Sponsorship is another concept that is just gaining traction in Moldova.  I hope to encourage more of it during my time here.

#RecyclingCanBeFun! #GetInvolved


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