My Village Life montage 2

More observations from my time living in a Moldovan Village:

Eastern Orthodox Moldovans build large crosses at intersections, churches and cemeteries and at times you will also find more simple crosses placed at the top of hills.  The larger crosses tend to be more than 6 feet tall and made of wood, metal and glass.  A cross usually includes an intricate metal cover, beautiful artwork depicting God, Jesus, Mary, Mary Magdalene, Angels, skull and crossbones and money.  There also tends to be a metal rooster on top, additional metal ornamentation and a box for a candle.  When Moldovans see these crosses, they usually pause and place the sign of the cross on themselves three times from right to left.

Moldovan villages are a mix of the very old (homes that are hundred plus years old) to brand new or just being built things.   On the way to school, I’ll pass horses pulling a wagon to do the days chores, a tractor off to the fields or someone driving a brand new car to work.   Moldovan homes are built stage by stage. As you have money, you make additions to your home.  Currently, there is no banking system that supplies mortgages; therefore, everything is done when their is enough cash on hand to proceed.  (I’ll talk more about the Moldovan financial system in a later post.)  A Moldovan home has a fence that surrounds the home and yard; many of the fences have colorful gates for entrance into the yard.

Moldovan is the land of sunflowers and in the summer, there are fields and fields of them. Many Moldovans love to eat sunflower seeds and sunflower seed oil is the most commonly used oil for cooking.

Moldovas wide open countryside provides spectacular views of the sun rising and of the sun setting. My colleagues and I hiked to the top of a nearby hill to watch the sunset one evening in July, Frumos apus!

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