Moldova Food Montage 3

One last Food Montage from my time in my PST Village;  future montages will feature the foods from my new site.

Ice cream (îngheţată) is rather inexpensive in Moldova and during the summer heat, everyone enjoys a scope or a single serve cone. One Saturday afternoon, we celebrated by adding raspberries and indulging in some Șampanie. (When couples announce their wedding date, the invitations are hand delivered. When a bride stopped by our house, she also gifted my host family a bottle of sparkling wine.) And while I do not drink coffee very often, I couldn’t pass up on the ice cream and coffee option in Chișinău on the day that we went to apply for our residency cards.

Green Walnuts: Moldova grows a tremendous amount of walnuts; there are walnut trees everywhere in my village and also the trees line many of the main roads between villages.   In the summer Moldovans like to eat “Green Walnuts”. These are walnuts that are not fully ripe and are sour and spicy.  Walking near town centers or in the piaţă, you’ll see people with large bags of the green walnuts that they are cracking open and selling by the Kg.  I tried one from the tree in the backyard and think I would prefer the pickled version better and definitely prefer the fully ripe ones.

The famous Mămăligă. It is a porridge made out of yellow corn flour and is cooked in a special-shaped cast iron pot called ceaun or tuci. It is served with sour cream (smântână) and cheese (brânză). Due to its stickiness, it is usually cut using sewing thread. Delicios!

Clătită: Crepes!!! my host mom made these for me for my first breakast, my last and many in between. She stuffs them with cheese and raisins.  The day she made the crepes and before we rolled them with cheese, we feasted on some with Nutella and some of the preserves that she had made.  YUM!!!

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