Swearing In- The Big Day!

Made it through PST (Pre-Service Training). We completed our final PST projects, had our final readiness to serve interviews and I passed my language exam. Our language professors worked magic on us and everyone in our group easily passed our language exam.  On our last day of class, our language professors gave us chocolates with fortunes; looks like I am buying a house in Moldova.   I had a wonderful group of fellow volunteers to live and learn with during PST and their friendship and their joy in life made the long and sometimes difficult days easier to bear.

I was very fortunate to have the most wonderful host family, Ala and George.  I am sad to leave them but will keep in touch and hope to visit while I am in Moldova.  My host family’s daughter (Romina) has a daughter named Rebecca. Romina and Rebecca were visiting through much of the summer so I was lucky to have been a “Rebecca Mare” to a “Rebecca Mica”. I can not express how grateful I am for being able to live with such a hospitable and caring family.   I met many wonderful people while living in my PST village and will fondly remember going on plimbare and chatting with locals of all ages.

Pre-Service Training was exhausting and challenging in many ways. And at times I definitely wondered if Peace Corps was the right choice for me. I was worried about picking up the language fast enough, about staying open minded as the scheduling of my life was being controlled by others and about my social desire to participate in groups while knowing that I needed away time to keep myself healthy and rested. After completing our final COD projects and reviewing my intentions for service, I found that I was as passionate as ever to be in Moldova and being a Peace Corps Volunteer.

Our swearing in ceremony was  filled with many splendid activities; some of the volunteers gracefully and energetically performed the Hora (a Moldovan dance), others beautifully sang the US national anthem and one of the volunteers, Ellen, gave a thoughtful and touching speech.  My fondest memory will be the moment when the US Ambassador added to the end of our swearing in statement: “I am a Peace Corps Volunteer”.  I said it proudly and with a few tears for joy; I made it and now it is time to move to the next step in the journey.

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