Cows and Goats and Geese

Herding cattle and goats in the morning.

Our family’s cows go out to the pasture every day with many other cows in the village. A little after sunrise and the first milking, people walk their cows to a meeting spot and a few villagers then guide the cows to a neighboring pasture. The group pays and provides food to a herder to take care of the animals during the day and to send them back home in the evening. A little before sunset, we open the side gate for our cows to come into the yard. If we’re running late, the cows herald a few loud “Moos” to let us know they are home.

I help with the cows  in the morning about once a month.  I have to run with them to make sure that they stay on course.  The past times, I didn’t have far to go and no cows strayed so I have had it easy, phew!!!

Running trails with animal obstacles

I started running again and have a great trail behind my house that runs along side the river.  Obstacles on the trail besides the slippery mud when it rains include gaggles of geese chasing me up a hill, high stepping over the chains for cows and goats, and slowing down by said goats so that I don’t spook them and have them run far across the field. I’ve also made a new friend,  a beautiful horse that is also brought out early in the morning when she isn’t being used to pull a wagon.


Geese; 5 Rebecca: now 2!!!! While most of the geese that I have met have let me walk by and just squawk, there is a gander of geese that rule the road that is on my running route. They have run me off the road 5 times now; I run up a small hill and they usually don’t follow. This is them singing “We are the Champions” Tuesday morning. And today, as I approached their territory, they came running down a hill in front of me. Me:Crap! if only I had been a minute earlier, I could have been ahead of them. Then, the wonderful site.. THE AMAZING GEESE CHASER!! aka owner of the geese. She cleared my path and asked how long I would be in Moldova. Me: Voi trăi aici doi ani Her: Bine, Puteți învăța Moldovenesc! (You can learn to speak Moldovenesc.) O Zi Buna! 

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