Food this Fall: Popcorn, Tex-Mex and Walnuts

Through the month of November, I did a post about gratitude every day on Facebook.  Here are a few that I posted about food.

Popcorn!!! I love popcorn and was ecstatic to hear that the corn used to make popcorn is grown in Moldova. I talked to my host family about corn to make popcorn and while they didn’t grow any, a neighbor did. Finally, yesterday my host father pointed to the neighbors yard and said that I could find some corn over there. Digging around in the neighbors yard is probably the closest to dumpster diving that I will get in Moldova. In the chopped down stalks and other garden remnants, I dug around to find about 20 small ears of corn that can be popped for popcorn. Next up cleaning and removing from the cob. I found this graphic that shows the varieties of corn; I knew it was a special type of corn but have never seen it on the cob before.  I am now in the process of getting the kernels off the cobs.

New Foods For My Host Family.

I am grateful for having organic fresh ingredients to cook with and a host family that was willing to try something new. Finally had the time to make some Tex-Mex food for my host family. I struggled getting the tortillas the right size thickness as I didn’t have plastic wrap to use when pressing them. (purchasing next time in Chisinau); so I made little bit sized version. I brought masa harina with me to make the corn tortillas and had my favorite Cholula hot sauce from my friends. I made re-fried black beans (black beans, onion, garlic, oregano, and lard made from my host family’s pig), fried some pork belly and we topped the beans with smântână (made from milk from host family’s cow), salsa (host mom made with tomatoes, hot peppers, sweet peppers, garlic and onions), garlic and fresh green onions). They loved it. It was their first time eating black beans and they want to add it into their diet. And I look forward to having them try even better corn tortillas. yum!


Fall fruits and nuts. I have been enjoying the golden pears that are available right now. And got my “dumpster diving” kicks this fall by picking up walnuts from the street. When I got back from a run in the morning or when I walked to school, I would search the ground for any walnuts that had fallen from the tree. In late November it was just one or two but there were days  in October when my pockets and side pouch on my backpack would fill up quickly. The best walnuts are the ones that have fully been released from the green husk

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