Practicing English at Unitate

One of the activities that almost all Peace Corps volunteers do is to help with learning English. It can mean running an English club or holding workshops in English. At  Unitate , I assist with English at the center for grades 1-5. I help with homework and on Fridays we have English Hour.  We play games, sing songs and practice English words. Two favorites include Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and Hokey Pokey. Here I am with the students at the center and also with the some children from the grădiniţă (kindergarten) as they stopped by for a visit.

I also incorporate other activities into the English hour.  The week of December 8th was Code Week for They have an amazing program that teaches people how to code in hour long lessons.  The center has only 1 working computer that the children can use, so we used the unplugged activities. The children learned the English words: Move, Flurb, One, Square, Up, Down, Left, Right and Color in.  They whizzed through the puzzles from the website and then started creating their own.  They did an amazing job.

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