Celebrations at Unitate

In November and December, we had several celebrations at the center.

We first celebrated Unitate’s birthday.  (La Mulți Ani!) At the celebration, a month was called out and everyone with a birthday in that month went to the middle of the room and received a balloon.  They also played a game in which a contestant was blindfolded and is given scissors to cut a surprise package for a piece of string.  It was all loads of fun.

Then a group of teenagers from a Norwegian Folk High School visited the center and we celebrated with face painting, balloons and games.  I had never heard of the Folk High School tradition in Norway and think it is one the best ideas ever. Students go to this school after High school to figure our more about themselves and what they would like to do with their lives.  The students that visited the center were interested in public service.  I look forward to talking with them more next year when a new group visits.

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