Holiday Traditions in Moldova

During December, Muzeul La “Bunici” participated in a contest for museums in the Stefan Voda raion. The villagers acted out typical scenes from Christmas and New Year’s traditions. This included bringing Colacii (braided bread) and sweets to family members, singing carols, dressing up in masks to sing carols with a buhai (can with horse hair that is supposed to sound like a bull), and the throwing of seeds to wish good luck and a bountiful crop in the new year. And of course to eat and drink holiday foods with friends and family. My new favorite thing to make is an expandable accordion arm; looking forward to creating one for a parade/event one day.

To prepare for the event, I helped my partner (Tatiana) with button trees which were part of the contest. And while buttons are plentiful in the US, she had to use some creativity to have enough buttons to fill the trees.   The night before, we prepared traditional foods including sarmale (golushty in Russian) (stuffed cabbage leaves) and pateu (pirijocel in Russian) (rolls stuffed with cabbage).



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