Early Winter Views


November Gratitude

Through the month of November, I did a post on Facebook each day for something that I was grateful for. My last post was about the beauty of being a human.

November 30: I am grateful for being a human and having the ability to reflect and choose my actions. While my aim is to always project a positive view of the world, I do struggle daily on the emotional roller coaster. Life is challenging and my current journey is definitely putting my resiliency to the test. Each day there are amazing things that happen and each day I feel so frustrated by not being able to communicate my thoughts in Romanian and/or by not being able to understand why someone is doing what they are doing. I cant call my friends and go for a walk with them or ask them to meet me to go sip a glass of wine. But what I can do is reflect on why I am upset, acknowledge it and continue to find ways to breathe through it and if needed change my thoughts about what happened and how to respond in the future. This to me is the beauty of being a human. (as well as being able to see the beauty of the sun and the land.) Namaste!

Views of the village

Through December, we had a rather mild winter and just a dusting of snow here and there. One Saturday it was really windy, my soba (fire heating source) had issues with the wind and flooded my room with smoke. I spent the morning airing out the room and took a walk around the village to get a way for a little while. Photos:  Picture of my Soba. Some one has picked reeds from by the Nistru, I am assumed to burn in their soba but others said it could be to cover a well or an shelter for animals. Cute xmas tress still up by one of our stores. Building bricks of the type that were originally used to build the homes in my village. And I picked some pot marigolds (Calendula officinalis) from our yard and plan to try tea from it to see what it tastes like.

Preparing for Winter

Life in the village is all about preparing for Winter. Reeds are cut, wood is stacked, wine is made, corn is shucked and food is preserved.


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