Snow Days Part 2

During the snow days, there was snowball throwing , sliding down hills in boots and sledding all with the sounds of delight from the children in the village. I also finally figured out why the ceiling of the hall and a room at the center were decorated with what I thought were ballerinas, they are dancing snow flakes.

While I have hiked in snow and done many other winter sports, prior to this winter I had never actually ran while it was snowing. I had several delightful mornings running in the gently falling snow and many mornings of “watch out for ice patches” or “jump the fallen branches” runs.  The day after it snowed through the night and left about 30 cm,  I  hiked through the woods in the afternoon instead of my morning run. The sun was out and I was the first on many of the paths. Then I wandered around my home and  loved the blue colors that showed up due to the snow.


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