Games and Crafting in Winter

My consumption of products with packaging has greatly reduced being in Moldova; however, there is a wonderful candy manufacturer in Moldova and I have consumed a great quantity of their candy. I started saving the wrappers as a) I hate throwing things away and b) they have beautiful colors and sometimes shapes on the wrappers.

I made a Christmas card with some of the wrappers and showed it to some students in December. It inspired them to use the idea when they made their own cards. When you need to cards and decorations perhaps you have items at home/school/work that you can use instead of buying new.  

You can find my instruction on how to do this here:  how to do Iris folding.

Game Day

Slushy snow outside and new games make for the perfect game day. Many thanks to my friends and family for the games and other fun activities. I have been playing Go Fish and Uno with some of the students and constantly find them pulling out the new games on the days that it is too cold or wet to be outside during the free time.

Crochet at the Museum

I spent a Wednesday afternoon at the museum learning to crochet and talking to a few ladies from the village. They were preparing items for a holiday in March called Mărțișor.



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