Encouraging Volunteerism in Women from the Village

In March, I attended two workshops that included women from my village and two of my partners.  It was held by Concorida, an NGO that supports the elderly and children in my village. Many of the attendees are retired teachers and staff from the mayor’s office.

At the first session we discussed our values and created community maps to discuss opportunities for future projects. I shared my thoughts about how women and particularly “women over 60” volunteer in the US (go mom! for giving me someone to talk about), about how effective a group can be if it picks one topic and works together on it, and that by using surveys you can show the priorities and needs of the community (in Romanian 😊). It is always inspiring to be with a group of people that want to participate in their community and it was so wonderful to meet more people from my village.

At the second workshop, we discussed key issues facing the village and worked through steps for starting a project. We picked three issues and divided up into three groups. Each group had one issue and drew what they thought the issue looked like now and what it could look like. We discussed the main points for a project plan for each issue and what roles individuals could take on to help with a project.  I look forward to seeing how the group comes together next and what project we pick to work on.  While everyone was really interested in doing something, there was still some haziness on what to do next.  We had discussed rather large projects and would like to see the group take on something smaller first and build on it. It is much easier to do something small, have it be successful and completed and then move to something larger.  I look forward to the next time I meet with these amazing women.


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