Visiting Balți

In March, I spent a weekend in Balți visiting another volunteer.  Balți is the second largest city in Moldova (100k pop.) and a large manufacturing city.  My friend is working with some amazing people at a youth organization that provides a relaxing hang-out space (Antifcafenea) and activities for youth aged 13-25.


We wandered around Balti and saw many interesting things.  We went out to the Balti sign and the hospitality statue that welcome people to the city, shopped in a massive second hand piata, meandered through an amusement park, found out that the roller skating rink rents out roller blades and not skates, watched people ice skating, stumbled on a Peace Pole and lots of mosaics and murals. There are many Soviet apartment buildings in Balti due to the fact that workers from Russia were moved there in Soviet times.  Some people think they are ugly; while not my favorite architecture, I think with some paint and creativity they could look cool. Some of the buildings have started to differentiate through paint,


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