Spring Planting Time

Planting time in Moldova started during the week of April 15th. While we had a mild winter, the last frost was late. My host family talked about planing potatoes at the end of February or beginning of March in previous years.

I helped my host family plant potatoes, onions and garlic. My best guess is that there were around eighty 40 ft rows of potatoes planted. These were placed between the grape vines and around the peach trees. It took us 3 days to do this. My host father used a motoblock for the first time this year. Other years it took 7 to 8 people for 3 days to plant the same amount. It was exhausting work and I was only out there for about half the time. And they are not done, more potatoes, corn, beans and the veggie garden are up next.

I planted many types of greens in my own little section of my host family’s garden- several varieties of kale, Brussels sprouts, Swiss chard and cilantro. plus my host father grabbed a starter for bibb lettuce from the neighbor’s yard and put it in a pot for me.

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