Visiting 7KM in Ukraine

In April, I went to Ukraine with my work partner and her husband. We went to 7 KM, possibly the largest market in Europe at 170 acres. It gets its name from its location on a highway. It has some traditional shops but mostly it is rows and rows of shipping containers stacked on top of each other. While items are sold individually, most of the sales are to shop owners in Ukraine and Moldova. It was amazing to watch the goods being transported from the “shop” to the customer’s car. The color of the row mostly tells you what type of goods are on the row: blue=shoes, green= clothes, bags, jeans, home goods, etc. The purple containers are additional storage and goods are transported down from those to the “shop” for the large orders if the required amounts are not in the container on the top. I look forward to going back, it was the best people watching. AND I got to eat Pho, which made me very happy.

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