Celebrating My Birthday in Moldova

I celebrated my birthday in May and had many wonderful celebrations with my host family, friends, co-workers and the children at the center. I had a wonderful few weeks and felt very much appreciated.  The first celebration was on my birthday and my host mom and I prepared a meal for her family and my work partners family. I received several beautiful gifts including many beautiful flowers. And as the weather cleared up, we added a round two to the masa with a bbq out back. soon to be mama cat enjoyed the bbq also.

Mulțumesc familiei gazdă, prietenilor și colegilor mei pentru o sărbătoare minunată a zilei de naștere. și vă mulțumesc pentru multe urări de ziua de naștere.


The second celebration was with the students at the center. They each gave me a birthday card and wished me a happy birthday. It was one of the best presents that I have ever received.

The third celebration was with my partners.  Moldovans use large sparkling candles, takes the candle thing to a whole new level. I loved it.

And a new favorite Birthday song form the Moldovan Singer Adrian Ursu.

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