Last Bell, the last day of school

The last day of school in Moldova is called “Last Bell” and was on May 31st this year.  The teachers and students celebrate the graduation of all the grades and most importantly of those students in 9th grade.  This is the last year at the “gimnaziul” and the 9th grade students will be heading off in a variety of directions this fall.  My village does not have a highschool (grades 10-12); therefore, any students that continue with their education will most likely be boarding at their school.  Students from my village go to highschool in our raion center (something like a county seat), in Chisinau or in another country.  Many from my village will be going to Romania.  Some students will go to a technical school, two additional years of highschool type classes and two years of technical training.  After either of these options and passing the required exam, the students may apply to a University.


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