View inside the mystery building and Ziua Nistrului

As villages/towns/cities expand and contract, there is always a building or two that sits dormant for awhile.  And my village has one in the center of the village. I have asked about it and was told it was some sort of bank / accounting center during the Soviet times. Every time I saw the building, I wanted to go inside and see what it looked like. There are few large buildings in my village so it seemed special.

As we were preparing for the upcoming Peach Festival in July, the organizers needed space to house some of their festival materials. So one evening, I got to go into the building!! I was so excited.  And just as I expected, it was an amazing place with interesting things to see.  The view out the back of the building was spectacular. I was talking with my one of my partners, an amazing entrepreneur, and she mentioned that she dreams of the building being a hotel one day. With the views off the back, I could easily see it.

The other interesting find was that the space held memorabilia for sports and Ziua Nistrului (day of the Nistru).  I didn’t get the best photos but it was fascinating to see the kayaking photos as well as the ones for Ziua Nistrului.  Many of the kayaking photos were taken in other parts of Moldova. However, I believe the Ziua Nistrului photos are from my village.  The Nistru (Dniester) is very important to the villages that are beside it, including my village. Some villages celebrate the day with a Neptune theme.   Our village didn’t celebrate the day this year, maybe something for next year.


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