Capacity Development in a Moldovan Village

The first goal of the Peace Corps program is to help the people of interested countries in meeting their need for trained men and women. In the COD (Community Organizational Development) sector, this means that our projects are focused on capacity building in communities; how can we support and encourage organizations and individuals to learn and practice new skills.

With this in mind, my partner, Liliana, and I worked with Eugenia, the Peace Corps Moldova Youth Development coordinator, to come to our school in the spring and present two workshops.  The first one was for the student council of the school plus one other class representative. The group discussed what it means to be a leader and what skills a leader has.  We followed this up this summer by including student volunteers in leadership roles during the Unity Center’s Summer Camp. (I’ll share more about the camp in another blog post.)

The second session was a communication seminar that Eugenia had led during a workshop that Liliana and I had attended.  We were very encouraged when several teachers and the director of the school took the time to attend the session along with the staff of the Unity Community Center.  The session covered how to develop messaging and a story that meets your selected audience needs rather than just giving someone details or what you think is the important information.   We are using this training to provide improved communications for the center.


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