Armenia TCT Day 1: Meet up and Getting to Trail Head

To start our trip, we met up in Yerevan and road in a shuttle bus to Khachardzan.  We drove by lake Savan and stopped at a road side supermarket for a quick break.  The small store was amazing. It was really neat to see all the varieties of smoked fish. baked goods and kebabs.  It was also my first chance to see lavash being made in a clay oven.


While in Khachardzan, we stayed with a local family and enjoyed a delicious dinner and breakfast with the leader of the village and his family.  Our host family was very kind and hospitable. We got along through many hand signals and smiles and our guide was also there when we needed to have something specific translated. They had a very comfortable house that included a wood soba as the hot water heater. It was first time taking a shower with one and the bathroom was so warm, it was like being at a spa.


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