Armenia TCT Day 3: Goshavank monastery to Dilijan

On our third day, we had a simple breakfast at camp and hiked out of the forest and to the town of Gosh and the Goshavank monastery.   We stopped by a cafe and were able to unload our camping gear, which was brought to out guest house for that evening.  At several of the cafes, I noticed samovars. These are Russian metal containers used to boil water that have an inner pipe where the wood or coal is burned.

The TCT association arranged for us to have our lunches prepared by locals, on this day we had falafel pita, fresh local cheese, vegetables and compote to drink.

Throughout the day , we traversed through many fields of flowers and then through a “drunken forest” on our way into Dilijan.

We made the requisite post hike stop for ice cream before ending up at our guest house for the evening.  We ended our day with an amazing meal prepared by the owners of the guest house. Nothing like homemade bread, dolmas, fresh vegetables and fruits after a long day of hiking.


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