Preparing for Summer Camp

As part of the grant for the summer camp, we were able to purchase some furniture for the center.  The ordering of the furniture was an interesting process for me. Moldova does not have the large warehouse type stores like Ikea, Costco Office Max, etc. so you can not just go to the store and buy the items that you need.   In order to get a good price, you go online, search several stores to find what you need and then place the order.  You then call and talk with the customer service representative to get a tentative date that the items will be available for pickup.

There are no large warehouses in Chisinau that store the inventory for the online stores; therefore, the items have to be delivered from somewhere.  Most large items like furniture are trucked up from Odessa from the warehouses there. (see my post about 7M shopping center.) I believe this is due to the fact that Odessa is a port city and receives the shipments from around the world for this part of the country.   There are also online stores that will go around Chisinau and buy from other stores and treat those stores as their warehouses.   This is for smaller items like computer accessories, sports equipment, and housewares.

On the day that our items were ready for pickup, we drove to the office and paid for the items. We then met up with a van in the parking lot that had our items.

All of the furniture had to be assembled and the computer set up.  Roma, my partner’s husband, is the school IT teacher and village “IT support” person; he set up the new computer for the children.  And several other volunteers, including Lilana’s brother and son, helped put together the furniture.  It is always wonderful to see family and friends volunteering to assist the center.

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