Unitate Summer Camp

The Unity Community Center ran a two week summer camp for 25 students and had 8 youths volunteer during the camp.  There were great activities everyday and I am really grateful that I work with some amazing women at the center. Ludmila, Liliana and Viorica are in the first photo with hand painted “Unitate” branded t-shirts. We are making steps in branding!

I love creative reuse and so of course the unplanned creative reuse of the furniture boxes to make a fort and the activity of two groups creating something from reuse materials were favorites.

My tech club did an amazing job leading several sessions about computer safety and computer coding.  When leading and training others, I know that it is important to provide the best guidance that I can and I am working on my ability to be okay with good work and balance in my life instead of staying up all night to make sure something is perfect.  The youth in my tech club did better each day as they practiced teaching and supporting the students in the activities. I hope that they will be back this fall to assist with other computer activities at the center.

Liliana and I discussed after the camp about how important having this opportunity was for the volunteers.  There are not many opportunities in a small village for students to participate in personal and life skills development activities.

One of my life mantras, which is tattooed on my arm, is step by step; pas cu pas in Romanian. It was inspiring to work with the children on the computer lessons and to keep reminding them to just work step by step.  They would go from frustration and “I can’t do this” to gleeful smiles and cheers of “I did it”!.

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