Preparing for the Peach Festival

For the past two years, my village has held a Peach Festival, to promote the peach growers in the region and to promote the area as a place for tourism.  This event was the idea of one of my partners, Dorina. She is amazing entrepreneur and through a team of volunteers, this event continues to improve from year to year.

This year one of the new additions was decorations including new signs and garland for the trees.  She collected styrofoam from her work and the team spent hours painting it peach in color.  We then created more than 50 sets and hung them in the trees.  I always enjoy seeing how people creatively reuse things and while setting the ambiance for an event or party is important, buying new things to make this happen doesn’t have to be the solution.  Seeing what you have on hand or what you can get from others is a much better way.

Each year a sample of a peach product is given to tourists that attend the event, this year peach compote was the gift.  I was not able to help with making the hundreds of jars given away. However, was there for the compote that was made a the museum for the tourists that would be visiting the museum before the festival.  This was a quick compote and not one meant to be stored in the cellar until winter.

Tatiana, the artist and curator of the museum, prepared for the museum’s booth at the festival by making wreaths from wild flowers and seed pods to sell.

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