Armenia TCT Day 4: Jukhtakvank twin monasteries to Haghartsin Monastery

We started our day with a delicious breakfast at our guest house; the breakfast included home made jams and cheeses as well as lavash bread.   We then rode in a high clearance jeep up to the Jukhtakvank twin monasteries and after a look around, started our hike.

I loved the stone work at the monasteries and found out when I got back that the stones are called a khachkar or Armenian cross-stone. The stones are carved as a memorial and will have a cross and additional motifs such as rosettes and interlaces. 

On our hike that day, there were many beautiful flowers including a brilliant yellow one that is on the endangered list for Armenia. (I can’t seem to find it’s name now but will keep looking.)

We finished our day at the Haghartsin Monastery. We trampled down grasses,  pitched our tents and enjoyed a delicious Armenia meal.


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