My primary partner organization and the start of my projects

My primary partner in my village is Lilianei Malancea and I am working with her organization “Centrul Comunitar „Unitate” .  For the Peace Corps COD (Community Organizational Development) program, the primary partner is the organization that applied for the volunteer to be stationed in the village or town.  The organization is required to identify a … More My primary partner organization and the start of my projects

Soup by the River

To celebrate the first day of school, I was invited to an afternoon picnic by my work partner, Lily.  We went to her mother’s house and we made soup by the river.  It was a beautiful day to spend outside with her family including her mother, her husband, her children, her niece and her nephew.  … More Soup by the River

First Bell

Friday September 1st was First Bell in Moldova. First Bell is a morning celebration that started with the new first graders being welcomed to the school by their new schoolmates; followed by songs, poems and short speeches by students, teachers and the director of the school. The students present flowers to their teachers and offer up … More First Bell

Village Meeting Spots- Benches and Tables

As you walk along any street in a Moldovan village, you will spot tables and/or  benches near the gate entrances to the front yards of people’s homes.  Particularly on Sundays, you will find people sitting on the benches, chatting with their neighbors or in the evenings during “plimbare”, the more elderly will sit and talk … More Village Meeting Spots- Benches and Tables