Yerevan Street Art

Tucked in alleyways or set out on the sidewalks,  I found many murals, yarn bombings and reuse statues.  What a joy to turn a corner and see one of these beautiful pieces of art.

Yerevan Public Art

Yerevan is filled with amazing Public art; it seemed every where that I walked I would find a beautiful statue or just had to look up and see the steps of The Cascade.  The Cascade is a structure built from limestone that includes several flights of stairs  and platforms with waterfalls and art work.  The … More Yerevan Public Art


I was in Yerevan for a few days in June.  It is a beautiful city, very easy to navigate and lots of interesting architecture to see. Some of the amazing food and drinks that I had.  I was there during the Men’s World Cup and enjoyed watching the game on the inflatable screen that was … More Yerevan

Armenia TCT Day 6: Ijevan and Dilijan

Our final day of the trip included walks around Ijevan and Dilijan before driving back to Yerevan. In Ijevan, we visited Ijevan Wine-Brandy Factory. It was built in 1951 and produces wine, fruit wine, sparkling wine, cognac, fruit vodka, and fruit jams.  The cognac is placed in the traditional large clay pots with a lid of wax to allow … More Armenia TCT Day 6: Ijevan and Dilijan

Armenia TCT Day 4: Jukhtakvank twin monasteries to Haghartsin Monastery

We started our day with a delicious breakfast at our guest house; the breakfast included home made jams and cheeses as well as lavash bread.   We then rode in a high clearance jeep up to the Jukhtakvank twin monasteries and after a look around, started our hike. I loved the stone work at the monasteries … More Armenia TCT Day 4: Jukhtakvank twin monasteries to Haghartsin Monastery

Armenia TCT Day 2: Khachardzan village to Gosh Lake

We started our first day of hiking with a delicious breakfast of fresh breads, home made apricot jam,  honey from the local bee hives, and fresh fruit including cherries and apricots. As we meandered out of the village, we encountered a local villager picking flowers to dry for teas by a Turkish tomb. He then … More Armenia TCT Day 2: Khachardzan village to Gosh Lake

Trekking in Armenia

When I left for Peace Corps, I brought along my tent and backpack with plans to get a few treks in while I was serving. I hadn’t decided where, I just knew that there would be great places to go. A fellow PCV (Peace Corps Volunteer) had mentioned the Transcaucasian Trail Association (TCT) to me … More Trekking in Armenia