The Budapest Mascarons

While walking in European cities, I enjoy the architecture that includes faces in the facades of buildings as well as part of the water spouts.  And now I learned a new fact from wikipedia:  a mascaron ornament is a face, usually human, sometimes frightening or chimeric whose function was originally to frighten away evil spirits so that they would … More The Budapest Mascarons

Budapest Parliament and the Kiscelli Art Museum

Started one of our days with a tour of the parliament building. It is the largest building in Hungary, it houses the Hungarian crown (which is watched over by 2 guards, no photos allowed), and it is an active building in which the National Assembly meets. It was beautiful. There were statues everywhere, the majority … More Budapest Parliament and the Kiscelli Art Museum

Discovering Budapest

In December 2017, I met my mom in Budapest.  Budapest was originally two cities: Buda and Pest.  We stayed on the Pest side and had a wonderful view of the Hungarian Parliament building. We spent many days walking around the city, below are a few photos of the some of the architecture.  The first photo … More Discovering Budapest