May in Moldova

Spring in Moldova; everything was green and lots of baby animals around. The taste of spring for me will now be green onions and radishes as we were harvesting them from the garden at the beginning of May. Our cow (the big brown one) started going down to the fields rather and I would walk … More May in Moldova

Last 90 Days

Today marks 90 days left for me in Moldova, sometimes I feel like I just got here and other days like I have been here for a longer period of time. It is amazing how time can seem slow and fast.  Through the next 90 days, I’ll be taking some time to share more about … More Last 90 Days

Views of Early Fall 2018

I met some new animal friends and enjoyed the start of the colors of fall, the pinks, oranges, and golds. I tried a new type of date and discussed dates and figs with Tatiana. She is the curator of the local museum and the mother of my PC work partner, Liliana.

May Flowers

As the Irises and Peonies died off, the poppies, roses, daisies, marigolds and clematis bloom. From this time forward the flowers go through several blooms. I didn’t realize that on a rose plant that if you pop off the dying rose, another rose will grow in its place shortly afterwards.  The variety of color makes me … More May Flowers

Spring Views 4

More Green!! The potatoes, grapes, onions, garlic and beets have turned the brown to green in the gardens.  The cherry trees have fruit and peaches are starting to grow.  Bright yellow squash flowers are showing up and tomato plants now have stick tripods to grow on.   Baby turkeys arrived, nine and counting.    

Spring Views 3

More photos from late April and Early May. The fields are busy with people harvesting alfalfa and watering other crops. Lilies  and wild roses are blooming.  The cherries are beginning to ripen so mornings and evenings are spent picking a few to eat.  New bunnies are born and baby geese are growing up.  Spring clouds … More Spring Views 3

Spring Views 2

Some more photos from the village this spring. One of our cats had kittens and my host mom used an old tv as the box for them; it’s so perfect.  Every day it seems a new flower pops up that I haven’t seen before. This time it was the Clematis flower that I found near … More Spring Views 2