Easter 2019

Paşte fericit! Happy Easter! Sunday April 30th was Easter Sunday for Orthodox Christians. For the weeks follwoiung this, I greeted people in my village with Hristos a înviat! (Christ has risen,) or responded with Adevărat a înviat! (He truly has risen). My host mother and I went to church around 3 am Sunday morning and … More Easter 2019

Picking Corn 2018

In early October, 2018, I helped to pick an acre of corn plus a few roles of alfalfa on a Saturday morning. My host family had a tractor cut down the stalks so we didn’t have to walk through the stalks and weeds; a lot easier than it was last year. It always feels good … More Picking Corn 2018

Views of Early Fall 2018

I met some new animal friends and enjoyed the start of the colors of fall, the pinks, oranges, and golds. I tried a new type of date and discussed dates and figs with Tatiana. She is the curator of the local museum and the mother of my PC work partner, Liliana.


I was in Yerevan for a few days in June.  It is a beautiful city, very easy to navigate and lots of interesting architecture to see. Some of the amazing food and drinks that I had.  I was there during the Men’s World Cup and enjoyed watching the game on the inflatable screen that was … More Yerevan

Visit to Eco-Village

On Saturday August 25, I visited one of the most amazing places in Moldova, Eco-Village Moldova. It is a sustainable living and community space. The buildings were created using local materials and the inside walls were painted with mineral paint. Straw was tested against reeds for construction; reeds won as they don’t compress as quickly. … More Visit to Eco-Village

Harvesting Beans

At the beginning of August,  people in the village were harvesting more items for the winter. For my host family, it was beans. The bean plants grow between the rows of corn. I helped collect the plants in one of their fields below their house. The plants are left to dry out and then are beat … More Harvesting Beans

Armenia TCT Day 6: Ijevan and Dilijan

Our final day of the trip included walks around Ijevan and Dilijan before driving back to Yerevan. In Ijevan, we visited Ijevan Wine-Brandy Factory. It was built in 1951 and produces wine, fruit wine, sparkling wine, cognac, fruit vodka, and fruit jams.  The cognac is placed in the traditional large clay pots with a lid of wax to allow … More Armenia TCT Day 6: Ijevan and Dilijan