Trekking in Armenia

When I left for Peace Corps, I brought along my tent and backpack with plans to get a few treks in while I was serving. I hadn’t decided where, I just knew that there would be great places to go. A fellow PCV (Peace Corps Volunteer) had mentioned the Transcaucasian Trail Association (TCT) to me … More Trekking in Armenia

Stefan Voda Wine Tour

My birthday celebrations continued as several other volunteers and I visited several wineries in my raion (District/County) the weekend after my birthday.  Moldova has some of the best wine in the world and we visited two of the best, Pucari and Et Cetera. We stopped by an Italian Pizza resturant (L’angolo Italinano pizza) for probably … More Stefan Voda Wine Tour

Spring Views 4

More Green!! The potatoes, grapes, onions, garlic and beets have turned the brown to green in the gardens.  The cherry trees have fruit and peaches are starting to grow.  Bright yellow squash flowers are showing up and tomato plants now have stick tripods to grow on.   Baby turkeys arrived, nine and counting.    

Spring Views 3

More photos from late April and Early May. The fields are busy with people harvesting alfalfa and watering other crops. Lilies  and wild roses are blooming.  The cherries are beginning to ripen so mornings and evenings are spent picking a few to eat.  New bunnies are born and baby geese are growing up.  Spring clouds … More Spring Views 3

Spring Views 1

Host family and neighbors collected Alfalfa the first week of May; it is used to feed the cows. (probably the goats too). As I was off for my morning run, I caught my Host father driving his motobloc filled with Alfalfa back to the house from the fields. Spring Green is here; so much new … More Spring Views 1

Orthodox Easter

Happy Easter! Paște fericit! April 8th was Easter Sunday for the Eastern Orthodox church. For many here, it is a more important holiday than Christmas and families travel back to their home villages for Easter Sunday and/or for Memorial Easter. We went to the church around 3am (other people had been there since midnight) and … More Orthodox Easter