Visit to Eco-Village

On Saturday August 25, I visited one of the most amazing places in Moldova, Eco-Village Moldova. It is a sustainable living and community space. The buildings were created using local materials and the inside walls were painted with mineral paint. Straw was tested against reeds for construction; reeds won as they don’t compress as quickly. … More Visit to Eco-Village

Unitate Summer Camp

The Unity Community Center ran a two week summer camp for 25 students and had 8 youths volunteer during the camp.  There were great activities everyday and I am really grateful that I work with some amazing women at the center. Ludmila, Liliana and Viorica are in the first photo with hand painted “Unitate” branded … More Unitate Summer Camp

Grant Writing and Creating a Better Summer Camp

In the beginning of 2018, Liliana and I started talking about what project could use additional funds to improve the already great services that the Unity Community Center provides.  We discussed the idea of improving the summer camp that the center had produced for the last two years and how that could be enhanced in … More Grant Writing and Creating a Better Summer Camp

Creating a Tech Club

There is a chart for Peace Corps service that talks about the sweet spot of the intersection of the country priorities, the local community priorities/resources and the volunteers skill set.  For me, this spot is with technology and digital communications. I love technology and thinking about the future. I follow futurist thinkers, I enjoy reading … More Creating a Tech Club

Capacity Development in a Moldovan Village

The first goal of the Peace Corps program is to help the people of interested countries in meeting their need for trained men and women. In the COD (Community Organizational Development) sector, this means that our projects are focused on capacity building in communities; how can we support and encourage organizations and individuals to learn … More Capacity Development in a Moldovan Village

Health Day at the school and teaching photography

At the end of May, the school had a health day that consisted of the students and teachers doing exercises together and running either around the school or the fields. The students were separated by grade with the primary grades doing races with potatoes, the older girls playing a form of catch volleyball  and the … More Health Day at the school and teaching photography