Iris Folding

  • Find template online: Search “Iris Folding _____” and type of image you would like to use.
  • Print and then cut out template. (You may want to have a second template that is colored so you can easily see the color choices or for others to easily mark their template if following the same color pattern.)
  • Mark what colors you want to use on the template.
  • Trace the template on the colored paper that will be the base for the card.
  • Cut out the image (template) and tape it to the table
  • Cut small strips of tape.  Paper cutter really helpful for this to get nice even strips.
  • Cut and fold strips of paper: Make sure the strips are long and wide enough for the template.
  • Follow numbers around the template.
  • If using tape, cut off ten or more small strips so that you can add at least 5 strips at a time.
  • After taping down several strips, check the front to make sure that you like the way the strips look and to check for tape peaking through.