Besides dhal bhat, our options on the trek basically consisted of potatoes, cabbage, carrots, onion and garlic put into some format: soup, momo, spring roll, curry, fried rice, pizza or a fried patty.  My favorite other meal ended up being veggie fried rice and garlic soup.  Two nights I had plain noodles with “spicy ketchup” … More Nepal_food


On our route, we saw many farms and most of the guesthouses had gardens or bought from local farmers. The crops that we saw growing or ate included:  rice (bhaht), apples (syau). potatoes (ah-lu), corn (makai), squash, peas, mushrooms, carrots (gah-jar), cabbage, onions, spinach (pahlunggo or sag), mint, radishes (mu-lah), cucumbers, tomatoes (go-lbhe-dah), lemons (kahgati), … More Nepal_Agriculture