Wish List

  • Letters, Letters, Letters.  Send a few thoughts about your days, write a story that you remember about us or from your family or grab some markers and draw a picture.  and if you send an extra envelope and you’ll get a letter back.
  • Chocolate!   
  • Favorite Foods:  Kind Bars,  Hot Sauce (Cholula Chipotle Flavor is my favorite), Almond Butter
  • Candy: Candy Canes, Red Hots, Hot tamales, Gum drops, Chocolate Chips.  While there is plenty of candy available here, there are some items that are not here.  I am making Gingerbread cookies with my English and next December, it would be fun to make a Gingerbread house with them.
  • Your favorite local food product.  Moldovans are interested in what grows in America. I’d love to have them try some of the great products that are made in the different parts of the US and/or cook something form the American “melting pot” food culture. Walnuts have been dropping here so I have been talking about the pecan trees in my yard, would love to share some Texas Pecans with my co-workers, students and host family.
  • Children’s books in English- the libraries here are always in need of more books.
  • Small Toys or Schwag  Have any schwag or small toys that you don’t want any more, send them to me and I can use them as prizes for the attendees in any of the clubs that I run this year.
  • Games and Puzzles:  Bananagrams, dice, dominoes, board games for any age or pieces of board games.  We have a few old decks of cards and two bingo games.  I actually haven’t seen any board games here, only small plastic toys for children.  I work with grades 1-9 and it would be fun to have “game time” during winter when there isn’t much to do or next summer as most of the children can not afford to go to camp.   I plan to make a few games from cardboard so if you have random pieces from games, send those and I could incorporate into a new game.

My mailing address :

Rebecca Stuch
c/o Luda Cosolean
Tudora (MD-4239), Stefan-Voda
Republica Moldova